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This week at Sales on Demand we...

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Jake Hampson

Managing Director and Founder

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January 19, 2023


This week Sales on Demand have been based in Shoreditch, London. One of our recent clients requested for Sales on Demand to participate in a demand generation sprint week! Volume has been the name of the game as this customer clearly understands their ICP and alongside Sales on Demands access to prospect data - we have a winning formula. We had an early win in the first day of outbound by booking a meeting with a little company you may know of - LinkedIn! Jokes aside this set the tone for what, so far, has been a week to remember down in the capital. By night we've been enjoying a pint or two in some of London's most historic pubs, followed our favourite sports teams at an amazing sports bar and even made time to go to Flight Club for an interactive game of darts. Not looking forward to driving back in Rush Hour on Friday!

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